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Restaurant Dumbwaiters

Specifically engineered for the highest level of quality, flexibility and reliability for any restaurant.

Your Comprehensive Dumbwaiter Lift Consultant

In the dynamic world of the restaurant industry, where every second counts and efficiency reigns supreme, the smooth transportation of food from the kitchen to the dining area is paramount to success. At Shorts, we understand the challenges faced by restauranteurs like you, and we’re here to provide a practical and innovative solution that will streamline your operations and elevate your dining experience.

For over 40 years, Shorts has been the trusted partner of lift installation companies, supplying them with the highest-quality dumbwaiter lifts, equipment, and spare parts to keep their lifts in top condition. While you may not have heard of us directly, our impact on the success of many of the UK’s most renowned restaurants is profound.

As a specialist dumbwaiter lift provider, we go beyond mere product supply. We work closely with you and your lift company to tailor and specify the dumbwaiter lift that perfectly complements your restaurant’s unique layout, capacity requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

Through our comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience, we’re committed to helping you find the ideal dumbwaiter lift that will elevate your restaurant’s efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to your overall success.

Embrace Efficiency, Elevate Service, and Experience the Difference with Shorts

Partner with Shorts and discover the transformative power of an innovative, customised dumbwaiter lift that will transform your restaurant operations and elevate your dining experience for every guest.

What is a Dumbwaiter?

A dumbwaiter is a compact, elevator-like system designed for the vertical transportation of goods, commonly utilized in both commercial and residential settings. In the restaurant industry, dumbwaiters play a crucial role in efficiently moving food, dishes, and other items between various levels, such as the kitchen and dining area. These streamlined devices offer a range of advantages for your restaurant:

  • Space-saving: Dumbwaiters occupy minimal space and can be discreetly integrated into your restaurant’s layout.
  • Time-efficient: Food and equipment can be quickly transported between floors, improving efficiency and reducing customer wait times.
  • Improved service: Dumbwaiters help maintain the quality and temperature of dishes during transit.

Incorporating a dumbwaiter into your restaurant addresses logistical challenges and enhances overall efficiency and quality of service, making it a valuable asset for your establishment.

Dumbwaiter Benefits for Your Restaurant

Maximise Efficiency
Save time and manpower by eliminating the need for staff to carry equipment or food between floors.
Preserve Quality
Maintain the integrity of dishes by ensuring they are piping hot and fresh when they reach the table.
Increase Profitability
By improving service and minimising wait times, you can accommodate more diners, leading to increased revenue.
Streamline Operations
Keep the kitchen and dining areas connected seamlessly, allowing for better co-ordination between staff.
Improve Space Utilisation
Maximize your restaurant's space, as dumbwaiters can be installed in compact areas without compromising functionality.

Customer-made to your requirements

When food needs transporting, our 50kg, 100kg, or 250kg capacity Service Lifts come with various additional options, including a stainless-steel finish, waist-level loading, and heated car shelves. When a small-wheeled trolley carries food, our floor-level loading option allows the trolley to be easily and quickly loaded into the lift car.

When space matters - bespoke car sizes

Space has always been at a premium, whether it is consumer floor space or the constraints of the lift shaft itself. In conjunction with our vast range of standard car sizes, we can manufacture car sizes to the specific millimetre when space “really matters”.

Protect what you love - Car Entrance Protection

Keeping food and equipment safe and secure while being transported is a priority for any application, but it is also essential to protect the lift itself. Items which fall and become wedged within the lift shaft can cause catastrophic damage. Our range of Car Entrance Protection safeguards the lift contents to ensure they remain in place throughout the journey.

Headroom restrictions – Low headroom options

Headroom restrictions caused by existing structures often restrict the installation of a new service lift. We have many low headroom options available to ensure we have a solution to suit. Our under-counter model even allows for installation under a counter worktop so that the interior bar layout is not compromised.

Safety without compromise - EN81-3 compliant

EN81-3 are the safety rules relating to the construction and installation of electric and hydraulic service lifts. They maintain the highest level of safety across all service lift applications, which is why all our Service Lifts fully comply with these safety standards.

Don’t stop – Dumbwaiters available ex-stock

Construction projects, especially in the Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality sectors, progress quickly when they get going, and delays can be costly in terms of time, money, and reputation. That is why we carry a range of 50kg and 100kg dumbwaiter service lifts, in multiple arrangements, in stock within our UK Warehouse so that your project does not have to stop.

Keeping your lift in service – UK stocked parts

A thorough and regular service and maintenance schedule is the best way to keep any lift in operation. To help reduce the risk of any loss of service, we stock the spares for the parts most exposed to wear and tear within our UK warehouse. We dispatch these ex-stock parts the same day when ordered before 3pm and deliver the next working day as standard.

Our Work

PizzaExpress, Dean Street – Dumbwaiter Service Lifts

One of Europe’s best jazz clubs using two Shorts-BKG dumbwaiters to connect venue, kitchen and prep areas.

INO Restaurant, London – Under-bar Dumbwaiter

A streamlined solution for this small restaurant located at the heart of London's vibrant West End cultural scene.

Copper Still, Edinburgh
Copper Still, Edinburgh – Service Lift

Set within Edinburgh's Royal Mile, this project required us to design and supply a 100kg fully compliant EN81:3 BKG Dumbwaiter Service Lift.

Buon Apps, Otley
Buon Apps Restaurant, Otley – Dumbwaiter Service Lifts

The client required two Shorts-BKG Dumbwaiter Services Lifts to operate as separate “clean” and “dirty” lifts.

Technical downloads

Discuss your requirements

Initiate a conversation where we can delve into the specifics of your needs and the unique context of your application. We aim to establish a close partnership with you and your lift installation company by combining everyone's expertise. We aim to create a detailed and comprehensive lift specification that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Our team is dedicated to tailoring every specification aspect, considering space constraints, usage frequency, safety regulations, and any specialised features you may require.

Your satisfaction and the successful implementation of a lift solution ideally suited to your needs are our top priorities.


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