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Our History

The Shorts name has been a part of the UK manufacturing and engineering industries ever since Ruben Watkin Short founded a manufacturing business in Bradford back in 1899.

Established as Shorts (Lifts) Ltd in 1945, Shorts started designing, engineering and assembling their own service and passenger lifts within their Bradford factory, with many components even being manufactured on-site.

Although the manufacturing business has long since gone, like many in the UK’s manufacturing sector of that time. What remains today is the Shorts name and a business which provides solutions for the lift industry.

Since the mid-1980’s Shorts have been partnering with Europe’s leading lift and lift equipment manufacturers, after identifying a need within the UK for a well-engineered and high-quality range of service and goods lift packages. Partnering with renowned German lift manufacturer BKG (Bunse-Aufzüge GmbH), Shorts has been exclusively supplying BKG service and goods lifts to the UK and Ireland’s leading lift installation companies for over 30 years.

In recent years Shorts have extended their authority into both the modernisation and servicing side of the lift industry. Working closely with leading lift equipment manufacturers DMG and Langer & Laumann, their Lift Component Division provides an array of third-party component equipment to modernise and extend the working life of any existing passenger lift. Through their Lift Spares Division, they supply thousands of the most essential lift spare parts from over 50 leading lift manufacturers to the majority of the UK’s lift servicing and maintenance companies.

Shorts are now unique within the lift industry, in that they are the only lift equipment and service provider to supply products in all three new lift, lift modernisation and lift servicing sectors. This one-stop-shop provides lift companies the convenience of only having to deal with a single supplier, as well as allowing us to forge closer relationships with our customers and provide products and services which provide a real benefit to them.

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