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Car and Landing Fixtures

Elegant and contemporary fixtures where customisation comes as standard.

Overview of our range

Shorts provide a complete range of lift car and landing fixtures that are fully compliant with EN81-70, EN81-71, EN81-72 and EN81-73.

The partnership between Shorts and the leading lift component manufacturer, DMG, ensures that all our lift car operating panels, landing operating panels and lift indicators panels, together with their fixtures, are of the highest quality and offer the highest level of reliability.

Ideally suited for:

  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Car and Landing Operating Panels

Based around the DMG ‘Luna’ series of mounting systems, our  Car fixtures and Landing Operating Panels offer a high-quality, contemporary and stylish finish which are ideally suited for any market sector.

Our surface-mounted panels are quickly and easily installed, thanks to a new and quick fixing method with a stainless steel sub-plate, eliminating the need for additional on-site cutouts to the existing lift car and landing. Once the sub-plate has been fixed on the wall, the panels are then installed and provide a screwless-look finish while still providing easy access for maintenance and inspection.

Key Features and Benefits

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Multimedia Displays

Our multimedia displays are a great way to customise and personalise our Car and Landing Operating Panels for your client. These displays are an excellent platform for important, informative and dynamic content within the lift environment.

Standard Display

Our standard 7″ Giotto TFT display looks great straight out of the box, and as a free service, we can customise our standard display with high-resolution images provided, by your customer, to deliver that personal touch.

Premium Display

Upgrade to our premium 7″ Matisse high-resolution TFT display to gain access to 8 contemporary themes that take the car displays to the next level.  The Matisse can be easily configured to show pictures, video and play audio messages on each floor.

Digital Signage

Add a digital signage display inside the lift car to add fully content-managed advertising and information within the lift car via our Cloud-based management platform.


Key Features and Benefits

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Push Buttons

A contemporary and stylish finish from the outset, our new Macro Twin pushbuttons are the high-quality and reliable product that you expect from one of the world’s leading lift component manufacturers.

Featuring EN81-70 raised symbol and braille tractile, anti-fingerprint finish and black face for maximum impact and contrast, these ultra-modern pushbuttons are the natural partner with our Car and Landing Operating Panels.

Sherman Touchless Pushbutton

Reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria with our range of touch-free operation pushbuttons.

With a built-in infrared proximity sensor, our Sherman Touchless Push Buttons are easily activated and reduce the passenger’s contact points within the lift environment and, therefore, the spread of any unwanted contaminations.

Compliance is maintained through the high contrast Brutus bezel, which provides raised and tactile floor identification as required by EN81-70.

Ideally suited for:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare
  • High-rise Residential Developments
  • Public Buildings


Key Features and Benefits

Discuss your requirements

Utilise leading modernisation turnaround.

We deliver customised products and services in the industry’s leading modernisation turnaround. For a more detailed conversation regarding your requirements, get in touch with a member of our Lift Components team today.


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