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Lift Door Operators

Lift Door moderisation made quick and easy.

An overview of our range

Our range of Langer and Laumann Lift Door Operators have revolutionised lift door modernisation.

In many cases, it is sufficient to replace the car door operator in conjunction with the control unit when the lift doors start showing signs of significant wear and tear. Our Langer and Laumann lift door operators offer you a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire car and landing doors.

As long as your cabin door is still functional, it is advisable to keep the original condition of the lift. However, it is recommended to replace the ageing door drive with a modern operator. By modernising your lift system, you benefit from a significant increase in performance, improved personal security as well as increased reliability while reducing power consumption.

With a range of universal and bespoke TSG lift door drives, our door operators are used to replace many of the existing lift door operators out in the field today.

With the door control unit from Langer & Laumann, you can replace your defective or worn drive easily and quickly.

Langer and Laumann Lift Door Operator

Suitable for any lift door operator with a fixed or retractable skate.

Universal Lift Door Operator

Our Universal Lift Door Operator kit has been engineered to be installed onto any lift door operator with a fixed skate arrangement. The kit holds all the necessary components which allow it to be adapted to suit your site-specific requirements.

Due to its compactness and simplicity, the universal applicable closed-loop door operator can be installed in about 95% of today’s elevators. The powerful DC motor can be adjusted to all types of doors, whether left, right, central (also telescoping), making it the ideal choice for the modernisation of your lift doors. The electric door operator is designed for proceeding door weights (door leaf mass) of up to 400kg (~880 lbs). No matter if you have a harmonic (crank-arm) or linear (cogged belt) door operator, we modernise them all.

Bespoke Lift Door Operator

Our range of Bespoke Lift Door Operator kits has been specifically engineered to suit many of the lift door operators with a retractable skate arrangement in operation today.

Based on the Universal Lift Door Operator, these kits have the same compactness, simplicity and adaptability benefits but come with additional components that suit the specific lift door operator you wish to replace.

Key Features and Benefits

Additional Features and Benefits


  • State-of-the-art closed-loop door operator system
  • Available for modernisation
  • Noticeable performance improvement as well as smooth and quiet door operation
  • The highest reliability reduces downtime
  • Easy customization – no special tools required
  • Safety settings maintained, even after a power outage
  • Widest adaptability to more than 300 door systems on the market
  • Greatest connectivity to elevator control systems worldwide
  • Improved performance compared to the old-fashioned harmonic crank-arm door operator
  • ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7 as well as EN 81 compliant
  • Meets the kinetic energy requirements of ASME A17.1-2000+ and EN 81
  • Openings up to 4 meter+ (160 inch+)
  • Adjusts for wind pressure and lobby door mass
  • Supported door mass of 400kg+ (~880lbs)
  • Maintenance-free DC motor – reduced power consumption
  • Solid-state controller included
  • Built-in encoder and motor speed control
  • Integrated short-circuit-protection
  • Controller mountable on cartop
  • Independent belt adjustments are possible
  • No need for mechanical limit switches
  • Cams, relays and restrictors are not required
  • Integrated hold close and hold open torque
  • IP54 splash-proof and explosion-proof ATEX version available
  • Reduced installation time


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