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Pedestrian Areas

For pedestrian areas, the external transportation of people between levels is essential for people flow. The biggest challenge is for the externally located lift to withstand the corrosive effects of the weather and other outside elements.

“Coastal and Near Water Areas”

Our range of Impaired Mobility Platform Lifts help meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements, Equality Act 2010, Part M of the Building Regulations, Section 4.2 of the Technical Handbook and BS8300:2018. From inclined staircases, short and long vertical travel and both internal and outdoor use, our lifts are suitable for various applications, including those within coastal or near water areas.

These Impaired Mobility Platform Lifts are available with a range of options, making them perfectly suited for an external application. Engineered from 316L Steel, Aluminium and IP65 protected electrical components (model dependant), the platform lifts are built to withstand exposure to aggressive weather conditions, such as humidity, sunlight, strong wind and even saltwater corrosions.

“Get and Keep Your Lifts In-service”

When your lifts are essential to keep goods moving around your business, having them breakdown and out-of-service can be a costly and very uncomfortable situation.

Having the right lift spare parts available quickly is a crucial part of the supply chain and one we are set up to fulfil.

With 1,000’s of lift spare parts available from stock from the world’s leading lift manufacturers, we are here to help get and keep your lifts in service. By having essential parts on the shelf, we are able to react immediately to your lift spare part requirements. So, when you order an ex-stock part from us, we dispatch it the same day and deliver it to you the next working day.

Harness specialist new lift knowledge.

Our specialist new lift knowledge allows the industry to provide solutions suitable for all applications and clients. For a more detailed conversation regarding your requirements, get in touch with a member of our New Lifts team today.


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