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Within the Hospitality Industry, the customer experience is fundamental to every decision, whether that decision affects customer-facing services or even those back of house. Understanding that principle is key to every successful hotel, bar and restaurant and it is just as relevant when it comes to choosing the right lift equipment for your requirements… “If you can satisfy a customer, you can retain that customer.” (How To Create the Perfect Customer Experience At Your Bar)

“Serve Food Quickly and Safely”

Our range of Service Lifts are perfect for transporting food and other light but bulky goods regularly between floors.

Available in a stainless steel finish, these small but vital lifts are key to the customer experience, ensuring that the customer’s food is delivered both quickly and safely. The stainless steel finish is also nonporous, so bacteria and viruses have no place to spring up. The chromium oxide layer also makes it non-corrosive and non-reactive, which means it’s safe for preparing and transporting acidic foods. With stainless steel, the risk of contamination is far reduced and for food transportation, stainless steel is a good heat insulator and therefore ideal for keeping food hot.

The flexibility of our Service Lift range means that our lifts can be installed in many pre-existing lift shafts, even those that weren’t built with our lift in mind. And our range of optional features, such as roller shutter car doors and heated car shelf means that your food will arrive both intact and still hot from the oven.

So, if you’re looking for a new or replacement service lift, our range is a great place to start. Take a look at the two dumbwaiters which were installed at Buon Apps, Otley and used for the transportation of freshly prepared food and empty dishes between the busy kitchen and upper dining area.

“Large Quantities of Stock and Equipment”

Our range of Goods Lifts are perfect for transporting large and heavy goods regularly between floors. These robust lifts have been engineered to keep your goods moving all day, every day.

Our Goods Lift range are the real workhorses of our new lifts packages. With a capacity of up to 2,000kg and lift car dimensions of up to 2000 x 2000 x 2000mm up there isn’t much within the hospitality environment that our lifts can’t move. Available with a self-supporting structure, these lift do not require an existing lift shaft to be installed and are, therefore, ideal for mezzanine floors and are available with external steel cladding for protection.

Read about our 2,000kg Goods Lift installed at Borough Market, London, where market traders store use our Goods Lift every day to transport stock and point of sale equipment from their stockroom cellars up to the market stalls above.

“Customer Access is Essential”

A customer’s access to your venue is an essential part of any hotel, bar and restaurant but it can be a challenging area for many historic hospitality venues, which weren’t built with impaired mobility in mind.

Our range of Impaired Mobility Platform Lifts help meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), Equality Act 2010, Part M of the Building Regulations, Section 4.2 of the Technical Handbook and BS8300:2018. From inclined staircases, short and long vertical travel and both internal and outdoor use, our lifts are suitable for a vast range of applications, including those within coastal or near water areas.

Our Specialist Passenger Lifts range provides an essential customer access solution when a conventional passenger lift cannot be installed. These shallow pit and low headroom passenger lifts have been specially engineered to be installed in buildings with a minimal amount of pit and headroom space, while also complying with EC Standard EN81-21:2009 or the EU Machinery Directive (Directive 2006/42/EC).

Read about our Specialist Passenger Lift installed at Leeds Grand Theatre, Leeds, which formed part of a multi-million-pound refurbishment package, for the 19th Century building, covering disabled access and facilities improvements for its patrons.

“Extend Your Lift’s Life Cycle”

For busy hotels, restaurants and bars, the lifts within their surroundings can see extremely heavy use at the busiest of times. An effective service and maintenance regime will limit the wear and tear on parts and components but not stop it completely. Lift modernisation is a great way to extend your lift’s life cycle by replacing those ageing and sometimes obsolete components.

Our range of Lift Control Systems, Door Operators, Car & Landing Fixtures, Lift Hydraulic Pumps and Lift Doors provide a modern, cost-effective solution that bypasses the need for a complete lift replacement. With the added benefit that many of our lift components are held in stock, enabling the quickest of turnarounds for both planned and reactive modernisation.

Read about our Lift Controller package supplied to The Red Lea Hotel, Scarborough, which we turned around in just two days.

“Enhance the Features and Functions of your Lift”

Our lift component range can also be used to enhance the features and functions of your lift, like in our new range of multi-media displays and digital signage within our Car and Landing Fixtures range. Allowing for hotel, restaurant and bar owners to further enhance their customer experience.

“Get and Keep Your Lifts In-service”

When your lifts are an essential part of your customer experience, having them breakdown and out-of-service can be a costly and very uncomfortable situation for both the customer and the service provider.

Having the right lift spare parts available quickly is a crucial part of the supply chain and one which we are set up to fulfil.

With 1,000’s of lift spares parts available from stock from the world’s leading lift manufacturers, we are here to help get and keep your lifts in service. By having essential parts on the shelf, we are able to react immediately to your lift spare part requirements. So, when you order an ex-stock part from us, we dispatch it the very same day and deliver it to you the next working day.

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