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Red Lea Hotel Scarborough

Red Lea Hotel, Scarborough – VVVF Lift Controller

A Two-Day Turnaround for a VVVF Lift Controller ahead of one of Scarborough's busiest weekends.

When the Red Lea Hotel’s passenger lift failed, the hotel owners and lift maintenance provider Boro Lifts were desperate to get the lift back up and running as quickly as possible. With elderly guests and Stage 3 of the Tour de Yorkshire fast approaching, no one could afford the lift to be out of service for one of the year’s busiest weekends.

Boro Lifts approached our Lift Components team as they were aware of our range of stock lift controllers and knew turnaround would be quick.

When the situation was fully explained, our Components Team worked extremely closely with Boro Lifts to tailor the lift controller for this particular site.

From receiving the order midweek, our Lift Components team were able to turnaround and deliver the fully built and tested VVVF Lift Controller in just 2 days and in time for it to be installed at the weekend.

Utilise leading modernisation turnaround.

We deliver customised products and services in the industry’s leading modernisation turnaround.


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