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Avonfield Neurological Centre, Six-Person Passenger Lift

Our passenger lift package for the transportation of staff and patients at a state of the art neurological care centre.


We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional lift solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. Our recent project with Briton Price Lifts is a testament to our dedication to providing high-quality, fully compliant lift packages that elevate industry standards and simplify the complexities lift professionals face. This case study provides an overview of a project that required a six-person passenger lift for Briton Price.

Project Overview

Avonfield Neurological Centre is a 19-bed specialised neurological centre situated within tranquil grounds in the village of Knuston, Northamptonshire, which offers assessment, treatment, and active rehabilitation programmes to maximise autonomy and independence. Briton Price Lifts sought a six-person passenger lift package that would meet its rigorous standards for quality and compliance to transport staff and patients at the neurological care facility. Our solution met these expectations and streamlined the process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for Briton Price and its client.

Lift Package Solution

Our comprehensive lift package incorporates top-tier components from three renowned manufacturers, each known for their exceptional quality and reliability:

Mechanical Package: Felica, a leading name in the lift manufacturing industry, provided robust mechanical components.
Hydraulic Pump: Biofial, recognised for their high-performance and dependable hydraulic systems, supplied the hydraulic pump.
Lift Control System: DMG, our close partner, delivered the advanced PB4 lift control system, which includes all electronic components such as car and landing fixtures and fittings (displays, buttons, etc.).

By integrating these premium elements into a single package and leveraging our extensive expertise and UK accreditation, we offer a unique and superior solution that sets us apart from competitors.

Initial Enquiry and Site Survey

Upon receiving Briton Price Lifts’ initial enquiry, our team promptly conducted a thorough site survey. This critical step involved meticulous measurement and recording of all relevant dimensions and site-specific details. Accurate data collection at this stage ensures the lift is manufactured to precise specifications, facilitating a swift and trouble-free installation process.

Specifications and Coordination

Following the site survey, we collaborated closely with Briton Price to finalise and agree upon the lift specifications. Once confirmed, our team specified and ordered the required components from our trusted manufacturers. We meticulously coordinated lead times and delivery schedules to ensure each part arrived on time. We provided Briton Price with regular progress updates, ensuring clear communication and transparency regarding the project timeline and any developments on-site.

Lift Package Specifications

  • Capacity: Six-person (480kg)
  • Hydraulic Pump Unit
  • Hydraulic PB4 Lift Control System
  • Lift Car Dimensions: 1000 x 1300mm
  • Anti-Vandal Buttons
  • Car and Landing Displays

The PB4 lift control system, DMG’s latest and most advanced innovation, delivers unparalleled performance for new installations and modernisation projects. Building on the success and user-friendliness of the PB3 system, the PB4 incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure superior local and remote connectivity, making it one of the most versatile and reliable control systems available today.

Our lift package meets the highest safety and performance standards, fully complying with EN81-20 and EN81-50 regulations.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond delivering and installing our lift packages. We provide comprehensive support throughout the installation process and continue to offer expert advice and troubleshooting assistance during operation. Our team of skilled technicians is always available to ensure that any issues are promptly and effectively resolved, guaranteeing our clients a smooth and efficient experience.


This project showcases our ability to deliver high-quality, fully compliant lift packages that address the specific needs of lift professionals. Our solution meets and exceeds industry standards by combining premium components from leading manufacturers with our extensive expertise and accreditation.

We are dedicated to supporting our clients with exceptional service and innovative solutions, ensuring their success in delivering top-tier lift systems to their customers.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Pathfields case study. Do you want to harness specialist new lift knowledge? Look no further—elevate the discussion and contact our team today.


Harness specialist new lift knowledge.

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