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INO Restaurant, London – Under-bar Dumbwaiter

An under-bar solution for this compact restaurant in the epicentre of culture and lifestyle in London’s West End.


Carnaby undeniably holds an iconic legacy. As the birthplace of Swinging London in the 1960s, its street style has continuously evolved, remaining the vibrant centre of culture in London’s West End.

At the heart stands INO Restaurant (formerly Pittabun), renowned for its culinary excellence and vibrant ambience. When faced with the challenge of seamless service between their underground kitchen and ground floor dining area, United Lift Services Ltd and their client sought a tailored solution to move food and equipment efficiently.

Discover in our INO Restaurant case study how our innovative Under-bar Dumbwaiter provides vertical transportation for food and catering equipment between the basement kitchen and ground-level service area.

The Challenge

With a specific need to bridge the small underground kitchen prep area and the compact service area, INO required an equally compact yet efficient dumbwaiter. The available space for the lift posed constraints, requiring a lift to fit precisely within an 800mm x 650mm shaft with a limited internal car depth of 400mm.

Custom Engineering for Precision

Our team responded with the Shorts-BKG Dumbwaiter, uniquely engineered to match the 1000mm height of the bar countertop. The lift’s specialist design allows it to slide beneath the countertop effortlessly, catering to the restaurant’s aesthetic while ensuring swift and discreet service.

Key Features:

  • Tailored 800mm x 650mm dimensions to fit the lift shaft snugly.
  • Internal car depth of 400mm optimised for efficient service between kitchen and dining area.
  • To accommodate the countertop height, the motor is positioned at the bottom of the lift structure, a deviation from traditional placements.

The installation was meticulously executed to harmonise with the restaurant’s layout. Despite the compact dimensions, the lift effortlessly catered to the demands of ferrying culinary delights and supplies between the floors without disrupting the diners’ experience.

Integrating the specialised Shorts-BKG Dumbwaiter seamlessly connected Ino’s kitchen and dining spaces. Its precision engineering and unobtrusive design allowed for efficient behind-the-scenes operations. All while ensuring timely service without compromising the restaurant’s ambience.


We hope this INO Restaurant case study provides insight into how we can assist you with your next new lift project. If all this talk of sourcing lifts has got you thinking that you could benefit from some expert guidance – get in touch!

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