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PizzaExpress, Dean Street – Dumbwaiter Service Lifts

One of Europe’s best jazz clubs hosting music legends Amy Winehouse, Van Morrison and Sting using two Shorts-BKG dumbwaiters to connect venue, kitchen and prep areas.


Since its inauguration in 1976, PizzaExpress Live, Dean Street has reverberated as one of Europe’s premier jazz clubs, hosting legendary artist debuts and performances. Renowned names like Gregory Porter, Diana Krall, and Amy Winehouse have graced its iconic stage, imprinting the club as a cornerstone of Soho’s musical scene.

Please take some time to read through our PizzaExpress Live case study to discover how we connected essential areas across this iconic venue.

Challenge and Application

The restaurant within this cultural hub required a lift system spanning three floors. The upper floor houses essential pot wash and stockroom facilities, while the ground floor has a busy dining area and kitchen. Simultaneously, the basement floor is dedicated to the often sold-out iconic jazz club with dining and bar areas.

A challenge emerged to transport kitchen equipment, supplies and used dishes across these diverse floors to keep this iconic venue buzzing. However, due to the absence of a direct link between the basement and the top floor, a lift solution was needed to use the middle floor as a hub, where staff members could quickly and efficiently unload equipment from one lift to another.

Lift Installation Specifications

Our team engineered and installed two state-of-the-art waist-level loading dumbwaiters to address this challenge on behalf of Lifts UK Ltd.

With a robust 100kg capacity, the first unit was effortlessly installed within a pre-existing lift shaft measuring 970mm (w) x 890mm (d). With adjacent entry and a two-hour landing entrance fire rating, this dumbwaiter connects the kitchen with the basement bar and club. Meanwhile, boasting a 250kg capacity, the second dumbwaiter connects the kitchen directly with the pot wash via a snug 1090mm (w) x 1090mm (d) lift shaft, also with a two-hour landing entrance fire rating. In addition, due to a restriction in headroom space and a client requirement for a 1000mm high lift car, the serving height was lowered to 440mm to compensate for the reduced space. As with all dumbwaiters with a serving height below 700mm, a retiring ramp is provided to maintain compliance with EN81-3.

Both dumbwaiters were meticulously outfitted with vertical bi-parting lift-car and landing doors, ensuring secure and efficient equipment transportation.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Bi-Parting Car Doors
  • Bi-Parting Landing Doors
  • Retiring Ramp for 440mm serving height for compliance with EN81-3
  • Adjacent Entrance
  • 2-Hour Landing Door Entrance Fire Rating




Crafted in a sleek brushed stainless steel finish, these cutting-edge dumbwaiters seamlessly integrated into the venue’s aesthetics and revolutionised the restaurant’s logistics. These lifts significantly optimised workflow efficiency by streamlining the movement of equipment, stock, and dishes across floors. Ultimately, this installation proved our commitment to tailored solutions that elevate operational efficiency and uphold the legacy of esteemed venues like the Dean Street Jazz Club.

We hope you enjoyed reading our PizzaExpress Live case study. Do you want to harness specialist new lift knowledge? Look no further – Elevate the discussion below and contact our team today.

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