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Buon Apps, Otley

Buon Apps Restaurant, Otley – Dumbwaiter Service Lifts

Our Buon Apps case study concerns two EN81-3 BKG Dumbwaiter Service Lift assisting the hugely popular family-run Italian restaurant.

Thank you for expressing an interest in our Buon Apps dumbwaiters case study. Our EN81-3 BKG Dumbwaiter Service Lifts assist this hugely popular family-run Italian restaurant in transporting freshly prepared meals between the kitchen and dining area.

Set within the picturesque town of Otley, the birthplace of the world-renowned cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale. The restaurant provides “a genuine taste of Italy” and prides itself on the high quality of its food and service. This a something which our Marketing Manager and Otley resident, Michael Craddock, can confirm. Michael regularly visits the restaurant with his family and sees how seamlessly our dumbwaiters integrate into their food preparation and service.

The Project

The restaurant has two floors, a ground floor, where the kitchen is located, and the main seating area on the floor above. They require two separate dumbwaiters to function as “clean” and dirty” lifts. Firstly, the “clean lift” carries freshly prepared meals from the kitchen to the service area upstairs. At the same time, the “dirty lift” transports used plates and equipment to the pot wash.

Lift Specification

Together with Liftco Ltd, our New Lifts Team produced a lift specification that worked for both the application and the environment.

For the “Clean” lift, our bespoke 100.45/7 model provides the perfect solution.

  • Quick lead time – Our 100Kg Advantage model is available to collect directly from our warehouse. Therefore, installation can begin as soon as possible.
  • Stainless Steel Finish – Better for hygiene and easy to clean, which reduces the risk of food contamination.
  • Heated Car Floor – Ensure the food arrives hot from the professional kitchen.
  • Roller Car Shutter – Provides extra protection to the food and other items by stopping anything from falling out during transit.


Unique to this lift specification is the requirement for two adjacent entrances on a single floor. However, this arrangement allows for simultaneous loading and unloading of the lift car.

Buon Apps Dumbwaiters

The restaurant wants a set of dumbwaiters that can be relied upon, even at the busiest times, to ensure the high-quality service of Buon Apps is never compromised. Our EN81-3 BKG Dumbwaiter Service Lifts are relied upon daily by the UK’s top bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, retailers, and numerous other commercial and residential applications. These lifts offer a solution that is flexible, efficient, and reliable. With their simple-to-use controls, Buon Apps can be confident of efficient and safe transportation of food, drinks and other items between different restaurant levels.

Our dumbwaiters, fine-tuned over the last 60 years, are easy to use while providing optimum performance and long-term reliability.

Should you have a client with a Dumbwaiter Service Lift requirement, contact a member of our New Lift Distribution or Specialist Lifts and Services teams on 01274 305066 or 0207 304 3080 to discuss the full range of options available to you.

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