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Interlift 2023

We had a fantastic time at Interlift Augsburg 2023! It was a proud moment for us to support our BKG family and connect with our incredible supply partners, Biofial Hydraulics, DMG SpA, and Langer & Laumann.

The Interlift Augsburg 2023 exhibition, held at the Augsburg Exhibition Centre from October 17th to October 20th, surpassed all expectations by showcasing the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions in the elevator industry. With over 500 exhibitors presenting their advancements, this trade fair truly lived up to its reputation as one of the most important events in the lift industry.

At Interlift, BKG proudly showcased their service and goods lifts, highlighting their commitment to optimising efficiency in limited spaces and ensuring streamlined transportation of goods. Their high-quality, well-engineered, and reliable products have solidified their position as a trusted industry provider. Langer and Laumann demonstrated their expertise in door operators by presenting their innovative “Smart door solutions.” Attendees were impressed by DMG’s highly reliable and fully tailored lift control packages. They also displayed their wide range of lift car and landing fixtures, offering high-quality, contemporary, and stylish finishes. Additionally, Biofial Hydraulics reinforced its reputation as a reliable provider of hydraulic lift pump units, showcasing its extensive experience and commitment to quality.

As proud partners of Europe’s leading lift equipment manufacturers, we recognise the immense value of the relationships we build at events like Interlift. These partnerships enable us to come together with a shared commitment to providing solutions for the lift industry.


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