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OEM, Third Party Manufactured and Refurbished Lift Parts

When it comes to replacing parts, you have three types of lift spare parts available to you:                                    

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • TPM (Third Party Manufacturer)
  • Refurbished

Third-Party and Refurbished Parts

These parts serve a similar function to your original part.

Ensuring that you get the same quality or functionality can be challenging. Generally, these parts are less expensive, which seems like a great way of keeping your costs low. However, problems arise if they are not manufactured to the same standards as the original part and may lead to more frequent replacement and cost more in the longer term.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

These parts originate directly with the manufacturer of your lift and are identical to the parts you are replacing.

With the same design and manufacturer specifications, you get the same performance as your original part, which can increase the operational life of your lift. Therefore, by re-evaluating the cost of an OEM part, you can see that although you may pay more initially, you are investing in a product that has the potential to last considerably longer.

With OEM, you worry less about the parts failing and needing replacement, which is why all the lift spare parts on our webshop are OEM.

Understanding the differences between types of lift spare parts will ensure that you are making an informed decision. If all this talk of sourcing lift has got you thinking that your operations could benefit from some expert guidance – get in touch! Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to assist in making part sourcing an effortless experience for you.

Do you want to make part sourcing easy? Look no further – Elevate the discussion below and contact our team today.


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