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Utilise Leading Modernisation Turnaround

Your Lift Modernisation Partner

Many business sectors rely on the continuous flow of goods and people through lifts. Therefore, the timely availability of high-performing and reliable modernisation equipment is essential to ensure this flow is not interrupted.

Availability and customisation are at the core of all our modernisation equipment and packages.

All our standard products are available from stock within our Bradford warehouse. Our in-house technicians then adapt and customise these items to your site-specific requirements.

We centre our complete modernisation packages around our highly adaptable DMG Lift Controller. These packages contain various electrical and mechanical components, from the lift car and landing fixtures to pump units and door operators, extending your lift’s operational lifespan.

Knowledge and Expertise Throughout The Project Lifecycle

From Car and Landing Fixture upgrades through to complete modernisation package refurbishments, with our range of leading lift modernisation equipment, we have a wealth of experience across a multitude of Traction and Hydraulic Lift modernisation projects.

This experience shapes our guidance and advice, which is central to all our services. Therefore, you can be confident in the solution we provide and our unwavering support throughout the project lifecycle.

Knowledge & Expertise

Product Specification With Modernisation Oversight

Our products meet the most challenging of environments and applications. Our team is on-hand to discuss your specific project requirements, and together, we will build and agree on the correct product specification for your application.

We have significant expertise in lift modernisation, working on local and national modernisation projects, and providing solutions to even the most complex requirements.

When undertaking lift modernisation projects, there is the potential to have many different OEM or even third-party hardware installed onto the lift. Our team will oversee that our new components are fully compatible with your existing ones.

Product Specification

Comprehensive Technical Support

Our in-house technicians provide full support for our entire range of lift components. We provide comprehensive technical support to you throughout the whole installation process and beyond. Whether it’s a simple question or more in-depth support, our technicians provide all the assistance and advice you need.

Our supply partners are also available for extra project-specific support for rare occasions when our technical team cannot fix your issue.


Tech Support

Lift Controllers

Once we produce and agree upon the lift control system specification, it takes us just one week to build, test and dispatch a lift controller.

Our assembly method utilises components that are continuously stocked ‘on the shelf’ and results in an industry-leading order to dispatch turnaround time. This process makes our lift controllers the perfect solution for planned and reactive modernisations.

With a range of package options available, we can provide a stock solution for a vast range of lifts, from small home lifts to triplex high-rise projects.

■ VVVF Lift Controllers
■ Hydraulic Lift Controllers
■ Hydraulic LRV Lift Controllers
■ Hydraulic i-Valve Lift Controllers


Car and Landing Fixtures


We carry a complete range of standard lift car and landing fixtures that are fully compliant with EN81-70, EN81-71, EN81-72 and EN81-73, which are available in as little as 2-days.

Our standard panels are available for up to 10 floors from stock; surface mounted for quick and easy installation with options for both anti-vandal and touchless push buttons.


car and landing fixtures

Langer and Laumann Door Operator

The Langer and Laumann Door Operator is a revolution in lift door modernisation.

Available in a universal kit suitable for any lift door operator with a fixed skate and a series of bespoke kits engineered explicitly for many of the most popular lift operators in the field today. Due to its compactness and simplicity, the universally applicable closed-loop door operator is suitable for up to 95% of today’s elevators.

Our universal lift door operator is available immediately from stock within our Bradford warehouse and within two weeks for any bespoke kit.

Langer and Laumann Door Operator

Hydraulic Lift Pump Units


We are partners with specialist hydraulic lift system manufacturer, Biofial. With over 40 years of experience, Biofial produces a range of hydraulic equipment specifically for the industry-leading valve blocks from Blain and Bucher.

Together, we provide a high-quality range of Hydraulic Pump Units.

Due to their specialist nature, we assemble these pump units off-site to a 3-4 week turnaround.


Hydraulic Pump

Bespoke Modernisation Packages


Moving beyond our highly versatile range of ex-stock components, our team has vast experience building utterly bespoke modernisation packages.

Entirely custom-built for your site-specific requirements, our bespoke packages are the ultimate in lift modernisation. We fully tailor every element to your needs and application with many components specifically supplied for your project.


Bespoke Modernisation Package

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