Caiden’s Christmas Wish

Posted on Friday, 16th February 2018 in News

This Christmas the Shorts team made a Christmas Wish come true.

Caiden is 8 years old and is obsessed with lifts, wherever he goes he loves to travel up and down in a lift, watch lift related videos and wants to be a lift engineer when he grows up.

His mother contacted Shorts to see if we can make his Christmas Wish come true by providing Caiden with his very own Car Operating Panel. As a leading supplier of new lift solutions, modernisation components and lift spare parts we were only happy to help.

Our in-house technicians got to work producing a bespoke unit incorporating a small power supply to the lift buttons, display and alarm to give Caiden a fully interactive experience. In addition we also arranged for the panel to be specially engraved for Caiden, courtesy of Johnson Engravers, wishing him a very Merry Christmas.

Since unwrapping his present on Christmas Day, Caiden has not stopped playing with his panel. He even took it to school to impress his friends and show all his classmates.

Shorts are delighted that Caiden loves his unique present and wish him every success in fulfilling his dream of becoming a lift engineer.