Passenger Lifts For Problem Sites

All conventional Passenger carrying lifts installed in the UK and Europe must meet the essential health and safety requirements of the EU Lifts Directive. This is generally achieved by design and manufacturing to EU Standard EN81-20. These standards define dimensional constraints on the lift shaft, particularly referring to the areas of the lift shaft that present a crushing hazard, above and underneath the lift car.

For problem sites where shallow pit and low-headroom mean that these dimensional constraints cannot be met, a conventional passenger lift cannot be used. This gives lift companies in the UK two options.

In existing buildings, where a lift shaft already exists, additional solutions defined in EC Standard EN81-21:2009 can be incorporated in the lift design to supplement the main standard. Installation of EN81-21 Lifts currently requires derogation by prior approval from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and agreement from the Lift Company’s Lift Regulations Notified Body. EN81-21 Lifts can be used in new buildings on the same basis, but BEIS derogation is inevitably much more difficult to achieve.

An alternative solution is to install a Machinery Directive Lift. These lifts operate at slower speeds of 0.15m/s or below, and as such are subject to the dictates of the EU Machinery Directive (Directive 2006/42/EC) not the EU Lifts Directive. The Machinery Directive covers all of the same essential health and safety requirements as the Lifts Directive but is less restrictive on the dimensional constraints of the lift shaft. As a consequence, these Machinery Directive Passenger Lifts can be installed in any lift shaft with reduced headroom or pit clearances, in both new and existing buildings without the requirement for derogation from BEIS and Notified Body involvement.

Shorts offer a range of both EN81-21 and Machinery Directive lifts suitable for most problem sites and Shorts full range of Trade Support Services are available for all of these products, including site surveys, installation and testing.

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