Vertical Short Travel Platform Lifts


Our Vertical Short Travel range of 2-stop platform lifts provide a good economic option for short travel applications in commercial and public buildings.

The range is split between the Ecosys for travel between 0.5m and 1.70m and the PAV for travel up to 3m. Both are manufactured to comply with EN 81-41 and the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Designed to meet the most stringent requirements to improve access for all people with reduced mobility to all areas of the home or premises.

Longer travel and multiple stop applications can be dealt with using our Vertical Long Travel.


The attractive, glass finished 2m Short Travel Platform Lift.

The Ecosys can be installed between two masonry walls or within it's own 3 or 4 sided bespoke structure. With a soft start and stop operating system, the ride is smooth and comfortable, while its belt drive system makes it a quiet and environmentally friendly platform lift. There is no need to excavate the floor as a pit is not required. The large glass cladding panels bring a touch of elegance to the structure while making your building accessible.
Rated Load
Belt Drive
(1.5kW Motor)
Rated Speed
0,15m/s maximum
Indoor / Outdoor / Coastal
From 0,50m to 1,70m
Number of Floors
2 maximum
40mm or No pit (with metal ramp)
2000mm minimum
Free Standing with self
Supporting Structure or within a masonry shaft
Platform Sizes
900mm wide x 1400mm deep
1000mm wide x 1400mm deep
1100mm wide x 1400mm deep
Indoor: Powder coated steel / Outdoor: Electrolytic coated (cataphoresis) steel /Marine conditions: Stainless steel 316 L
Cladding Range
Clear glass / Steel / Opaque glass / Stopsol brown glass / Stopsol mirror glass
Platform Control
Constant Pressure Push Button
Power Supply
230 V single phase
Landing Control
One touch operation
Door / Gate
Automatic Swing: Fully glazed laminated clear glass (standard)
Full height door at lower landing
half height gate at upper landing
Door Motor
Integrated in the door frame (invisible, anti-intrusion)
Safety Devices
Emergency lowering and lighting (battery powered)
Emergency stop
Auto dialler
Safety gear
Overload sensor
Overspeed sensor
Final limit switch
HMI (Human Machine Interface) for manual moving and date settings
Power Supply
230 V single phase
European standard EN 81-41
European Machine Directive 2006/42 CE


The PAV uses aluminium and castings, which makes it entirely sealed and the electronic components are insulated and protected from humidity (IP 65). The result means that the PAV can be installed in any type of environment such as high temperature, coastal conditions etc and is exceptionally resistant to water damage cause by flooding or other damp conditions.

Bespoke platform sizes to suit available site dimensions and in either an adjacent or through entried configuration.

Fully pre-assembled and tested in the factory prior to dispatch.
Rated Load
Drive System
Screw and Nut
Indoor / Outdoor / Coastal
No pit or metal ramp 70mm (170mm required if platform width >900mm)
Headroom Minimum required on Upper Landing
With gate: 2000mm
with Full Height Door: 210mm
Self-supporting (Aluminium and Glazed or aluminium panels dibond)
Platform Sizes
Any RAL Colour
Platform Floor
Aluminium tread plate
Access Sides Available
One/two (90 or 180°) or three sides
Landing Button Control
One Touch
Platform Control
Constant pressure push button
Electric Voltage
230v 16A 50Hz
European standard EN81-41.