Vertical Long Travel Platform Lifts


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Our Vertical Long Travel range of platform lift, VIVALIFT, provides a good economic option for the movement of passengers, up to 15m, with impaired mobility in commercial and public buildings.

Installed without a load-bearing wall, in a simple plasterboard hoistway, they operate without a machine room and without a pit (when using a ramp), or with an 8-cm pit inside or outside existing buildings.

These lifts are perfect for installations with difficult technical constraints and low traffic, therefore, our vertical long travel lifts are ideal for public buildings, office buildings, shops and homes.

The certified lifts have been designed in compliance with the 2006-42/CE machinery directive and the EN 81-41 standard.

These lifts are especially suited to:

  • Buildings under renovation subject to stringent public access regulations,
  • Existing private residential buildings with between 1 and 4 floors,
  • Private detached houses,
  • Public buildings: town halls, schools, etc.

In addition, the footprint is smaller than that of a conventional lift, it requires 2.6m ceiling clearance on the top floor.


Whatever your environment, the Vivalift has been designed to minimise its footprint and the time required for the installation.

Thanks to its free-standing structure, the Vivalift requires no load-bearing wall, machine room, or pit. You can easily install it in a plasterboard hoistway or using a mast, indoors or out.

The silent electric technology in Vivalift home lifts will astonish you, its automatic doors open especially quietly.

Main Characteristics

Fully Glazed Shaft
A unique self-supporting structure that allows VIVALIFT to do away with the need for a load-bearing wall: it can be installed in a plasterboard or wooden shaft, or an Ermhes shaft with glazing/panels.
The self-supporting structure cuts the installation time to only two or three days
Certified compliant with standard EN 81-41 and machinery directive 2006-42/EC
Can be installed indoors or outdoors , including coastal areas
Infinitely customisable with an unlimited choice of colours for no extra cost

Coastal Installation

VIVALIFT in 316L Stainless Steel
VIVALIFT is the only slow-speed lift that can be installed in coastal areas.

These areas are exposed to aggressive weather conditions, such as humidity, sunlight, strong wind and above all saltwater corrosion.

The use of 316L stainless steel enables VIVALIFT to withstand corrosion, a salty environment and rust.

Unique Design

The Self-supporting Structure
Regardless of the environment, the structure of VIVALIFT has been designed to minimise floor space requirements and installation time.

Thanks to its self-supporting structure, VIVALIFT does not need a load-bearing wall, machine room or pit, and you can easily integrate it into a plasterboard shaft or our ERMHES shaft enclosure (panelled or glazed), indoors or outdoors, and in coastal areas.


For outdoor installation, to ensure that the shaft and car are not overheated by sunlight, we offer the STOPSOL glass option that stops sunlight. We also offer a mechanical ventilation option that renews the air inside the shaft and thus in the car. These two options create a comfortable temperature conditions even when the weather is very hot.

VIVALIFT Technical Details

Rated Speed
Rated Load
1 Wheelchair with an accompanying person or 4 persons
Drive System
Central Traction Belt
Indoor / Outdoor / Coastal
Travel Maximum
Up to 15m
Maximum number of stops
8 stops
Powder coated steel (RAL to choose) / 316L Stainless steel
Safety Devices
Frequency inverter, overload sensor, over speed governor, final limit sensor, emergency stop, backup battery in case of power failure, emergency lighting, auto dialler, HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Standard / Directive
EN 81-41
European Directive 2006/42 CE


Door Opening / Closing
Swing door (automatic / semi-manual)
Door Motor
Integrated in the door frame (invisible, anti-vandal)
Laminated glass 44/2 / Opaque glass powder coated steel / STOPSOL
Clear Opening
0,73 x 2,00m / 0,83 x 2,00m / 0,93 x 2,00m
Landing Control
One Touch

Car Sizes

Dimenson (W x D)
0,80 x 1,25m / 0,90 x 1,25m / 1,00 x 1,25m
0,80 x 1,40m / 0,90 x 1,40m / 1,00 x 1,40m / 1,00 x 1,40m / 1,10 x 1,40m
Single / Through
One touch / hold to run operation
Ceiling Light
Brushed aluminium ceiling with 2 LED spots lights
Infrared Sensor


Control Panel
Integrated in the shaft
Single-phase electric power 230V 20 Ampere