Vertical Long Travel Applications


Our GP Longer Travel Platform Lifts provide a good economic option for the movement of passengers with impaired mobility in commercial and public buildings.

These products consist of an open platform travelling within its own enclosed structure combined with full height entrances (up to 2100mm) at all landings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these platform lifts are easy to integrate into a building, as they only need a single load bearing  wall and can be easily waterproofed. Whether fitted indoors or outdoors, the design of these products ensures that installation is quick and on site builders’ works are minimised. The maximum travel is 15m and they can serve up to 8 floors (SP Range).

Short travel 2 stop applications can be dealt with more economically using our GB Range of Platform Lifts.

GP20 Rack and Pinion Platform Lift

Our GP20 Platform Lift uses a smooth wall mounted rack and pinion drive system to move up to 360kg between floors. The electric drive unit sits within the moving car so there is no need for a machine room. Operation is by constant pressure buttons on the platform and single press call on the landings. Our standard models come with set platform dimensions, car, entrances and structure supplied in powder-coated aluminium (in a variety of colours) and manually operated doors.

A wide range of options for the GP20 enables the user to design a more individual bespoke solution. The pit requirement is only 80mm and the headroom as little as 2200mm.

Manufactured to comply with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Standard Specification

0.15m/s with soft start and stop
Maximum Travel
Minimum Pit
Minimum Headroom
2200mm (without structure roof)
2400mm (with structure roof)
Standard Platform Size (width x depth)
1100mm x 1400mm
Standard Door Size
900mm x 2000mm
Electric Rack and Pinion system
Power Requirement
230V, 50Hz single phase. 13 Amps
Constant pressure drive buttons on the platform.
Single press landing call station integrated into door frames
Standard Colour
Any RAL Colour

Options for Bespoke Models

Special Colours
Stainless steel finishes
Framed glass entrances and structure
Automatic doors - visible or concealed operator
Bespoke platform dimensions
Rechargeable battery emergency rescue device
Emergency alarm or emergency telephone
Audible and/or visual alarm during operation
Folding seat
Structure roof
Weatherproofing kit for external use
Range of access/locking systems