Universal and Bespoke Door Operators

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Our Langer & Laumann Door Operators offer you a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire car and hoistway doors.

Regardless of the volume of traffic, the Langer & Laumann range of Door Operators can be relied upon to provide continuous operation in all environments including heavy traffic environment such as car parks, offices, flats, hospitals and nursing homes.  We back up this claim with our two year warranty, offering you and your customer peace of mind.

Universal Door Operator

Due to it’s compact, simple and flexible design the L&L TSG Universal Door Operator can be applied to over 95% of lifts in service today.

The powerful DC motor can be adjusted to all applications and door types, regardless of the door configuration (centre or side opening), making it the ideal choice for refurbishment projects. The L&L TSG door operator is suitable for both doors with a combined panel weight of up to 400kg.

The TSG400 has been successfully installed as a replacement for operators from the following manufacturers, if you don't see your manufacturer listed then just please ask Shorts as the list is growing all the time.

Reliable - Regardless of the volume of traffic, the TSG Universal Door Operator can be relied upon to provide continuous operation in all environments including offices, flats, nursing homes and hospitals. Atex Explosion Proof & IP54 (waterproof) Versions are also available for the more challenging environments such as oil rigs and chemical plants.

Low Cost - The TSG Universal Door Operator has been designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind, the simplicity of design and plug in wiring system keep installation time and therefore costs to a minimum. The utilisation of a maintenance free DC motor ensures that there are no hidden maintenance costs.

Effective Technology - An encoder linear drive system controlling a maintenance free DC motor with a direct drive arrangement to the door panels ensures that the system operates smoothly and silently. The micro processor controller is fully programmable, without the need of a handset and the controller incorporates an LED matrix displaying the door status at all times.

Once mechanically installed the controller has a self teaching facility which makes the TSG Door Operator simple to set up. The door opening and closing cycles can be fully adjusted independently and the system has a built in adjustable pressure sensor to detect obstruction of the doors.
State-of-the-art closed-loop door operator system
Noticeable performance improvement as well as smooth and quiet door operation
Easy customization - no special tools required
Improved performance compared to old-fashioned harmonic crank-arm door operator
Adjusts for wind pressure and lobby door mass
Maintenance-free DC motor - reduced power consumption
Built-in encoder and motor speed control
Controller mountable on cartop
No need for mechanical limit switches
Integrated hold close and hold open torque
Reduced installation time
Cams, relays and restrictors are not required
Supported door mass of 400kg+ (~880lbs) - 1000kg (~2200lbs) coming soon
Available for modernisation/repair or new construction
Widest adaptability to more than 300 door systems on the market
Highest reliability reduces downtime
Meet the kinetic energy requirements of ASME A17.1-2000+ and EN 81
Safety settings maintained, even after power outage
Greatest connectivity to elevator control systems worldwide
ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7 as well as EN 81 compliant
Openings up to 4 meter+ (160 inch+)
Solid state controller included
Integrated short-circuit-protection
Independent belt adjustments possible
IP54 splash-proof and explosion-proof ATEX version available
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Bespoke Door Operator

The vast majority of elevator door drives in the market can be replaced by our universal TSG Lift modernisation packages. However, there are elevator doors for which a customised modernisation is more appropriate.

We offer a variety of elevator cabin door modernisation solutions that have been developed specifically for the original manufacturer.
Door Operator