Trolley Lifts


BKG Trolley Lifts from Shorts are the high quality, well-engineered products that you would expect from a major German based manufacturer that has been refining these lifts for over 50 years. They are manufactured to comply with European Standard EN81-3 and range in carrying capacity from 100kg to 250kg. Specially designed for moving food trolleys or bulky but light goods these lifts are ideal for restaurants, commercial kitchens, shops and hotels.

Designed and built specifically to order, the BKG Trolley Lift operates with a heavy duty hinged landing doors, which can be complimented with a choice of drop-bar or lattice gate protection fitted to the lift car. They are controlled with simple call and send push buttons on each floor. As with all of BKG’s lifts, the Trolley Lifts are available constructed in a range of materials – zintec, galvanized steel, stainless steel – and can be produced to suit a wide range of car, entrance, footprint and travel dimensions.

Shorts’ full range of Trade Support Services are available on these products, including site surveys, installation and testing.

Standard Specification

Three phase drive unit
Serve up to 6 floors or 15m travel
Complete with galvanised steel structure and machine access door
Zintec or galvanised steel car
Zintec or galvanised steel landing doors & frames
Microprocessor controller


Full set of warning notices
User Manual
Comprehensive installer instructions
Comprehensive UK style layout drawings and wiring diagrams
Compliance with EC Machinery Regulations 2006/42/EC and EN81-3:2000
Carries the “CE” Mark

Optional Features

Single phase drive unit
Double hinged landing doors
Car, door and frames in primed steel, stainless steel or special stainless steels
Fire-rated landing doors and machine access door
Car entrance protection : drop bar, picket gate or load guard baffles
Shaft cladding in choice of primed steel, zintec, galvanised steel, stainless steel or plastic coated steel panels
Special requirements can be catered for such as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping designs.


Additional auxiliary main contractor
Phase failure reversal relay
Landing push stations complete with car position indicator, lift in use indicator and door open signal
Lift arrival buzzer
Overtravel timer
Hand lamp
Light and socket within machine room
Wiring in loom form

Specification Variables

One side
Opposite sides
Adjacent sides
Machine Location
Above the structure
Bottom beside the structure
0.15 m/s
0.20 m/s
0.25 m/s
0.30 m/s
Car Dimensions
Width 400mm (min) / 1000mm (max)
Depth 600mm (min) / 1000mm (max)
Height 800mm (min) / 1200mm (max)

Trolley Lift with UK Style Concertina Shutter Landing Doors

A specific 250kg floor loading trolley lift model has been developed by BKG for the UK market which incorporates EN81-58 2 hour fire rated galvanised concertina shutter landing doors to minimise door intrusion into the loading space. An electrically interlocked picket gate fitted to the car prevents goods falling out when in motion. The remainder of the lift is exactly the same specification as the conventional BKG Bespoke Trolley Lift products.

Standard Specification

Rated Load
0.30 m/s
Car Dimensions
Width 400mm (min) / 1000mm (max)
Depth 900mm (min) / 1000mm (max)
Height 600 (min) / 1200 (max)
Single entry or Through entry
Shaft Dimensions
Width 570mm (+ Car Width)
Depth 140mm (+ Car Depth)
1300mm (+ Car/Door Height + Serving Height)