Toe To Go - The Foot Activated Button

Our new Foot Activated Button, Toe-to-Go. The simplest way to call the lift without touching the buttons with your fingers.

Toe-to-Go allows the user to call and control the elevator using your shoe eliminating the transfer of potentially contagious diseases found on elevator contact points and within the elevator environment.


Hands-Free Activation
Robust, Durable Design
Good for Retrofitting Car / Hall Panels
Stainless Steel GR 320
Frontal, by visible screws
Screw Terminals
Avg. Life
1.500.000 mechanical activations (24V, 20mA)
Impact Protection
EN81-71, class 2
Ingress Protection
Wire in Parallel to Existing Installation
Available in 1, 2 or 3 rows
Keypad option available for COPs
Surface or Flush-mount option
Variety of colours, finishes and combinations