Stock LRV Lift Controller


In Stock Lead Time 1-2 weeks

We hold in stock Hydraulic Lift Controllers to suit the Bucher LRV Pump Unit up to 22 kW with a maximum of 40 Amp Contactors. Out of the box the controllers are setup to suit a 415V Bucher NTA-2 power supply unit (PSU), 240 VAC Door Operator and a 110 V DC retiring cam.

These stock base units are then modified to suit your specific site requirements by our skilled technicians.

NB The Bucher NTA-2 power supply unit & DELCON electronic card are not included as standard but are available as optional extras.

Standard Features

The DMG PB3 Controller is a 32-Bit Microprocessor Controller with many advanced features as standard
Setup to suit a 415V Bucher NTA-2 PSU (NTA-2 PSU not included)
3 phase supply
2 to 8 floors
SAPB or Down Collective operation
Set for a 110 VDC Retiring Ramp voltage
24 hour battery test
4 point safety chain
Photocell input NO/NC
Floor level indication
Motor thermistor input
Auto shaft learn
Over 50 faults detected
Last 60 faults logged
Visual I/O status
Programmable return zones (Weeks, Days, Hours and Minutes)
Star Delta starting
Simplex control
Set for 1 x 240 VAC Car Door Operator
One position fire recall
Timed car lights off
Full load bypass and lift overload control
Out of service
Short floor capability
Selective or Simultaneous door control
Programming module with LCD screen with every panel
Programmable 4 digit code for car call acceptance
Advance door opening

Customisation Options

Our skilled Technical Engineers can carry out the following modification to the stock controller to match your project.
Setup to suit a 240V Bucher NTA-2 PSU (NTA-2 PSU not included)
Floors 9 to 16
Full Collective operation
The addition of resistors for DC Door Operators (GAL, DUPAR or H&C)
Controller set for up to 2 x 3 phase Car Door Operators
Customisation of the Retiring Ramp voltage to suit site conditions
16 way output card to drive existing displays
BMS interface
Direct Online starting
Duplex/Triplex/Quadraplex control
Controller set for 2 x 240 VAC Door Operators (Side A & B)
Replacement NTA PSU and DELCON Control Cards are available as an option
4 position fire recall
Overspeed Governor trip and/or reset
A3 control

Shaft Kit

A Hard Wired Shaft Kit is included with every controller, the elements of each kit will depend on the type of lift.

For more information, please contact a member of our Lift Components Team.
Encoder Counting Kit & Rope 60/120m
Emergency Operation Box
Door Zone Kit
Magnets/Support Bracket Kit (Door Zone)
Relevelling and Door Zone Kit
Magnets/Support Bracket Kits (Relevelling)
Final Limit Switch Kit (Traction/Hydraulic Direct)
Final Limit Switch Kit (Traction/Hydraulic Indirect)
Final Limit Switch Support Kit
H Supports
Magnetic Deceleration Switches