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Shorts can provide you with a complete range of DMG lift Landing Indicator Panels and fixtures, fully compliant with BS-EN81-70, BS EN81-71, BS EN81-72 & BS EN81-73.

The Partnership between Shorts and ‘DMG Spa’ ensures that all our lift push buttons; car and landing operating panels and lift positioning indicators are of the highest quality offer and the highest level of reliability.

We offer our customers a complete turnkey approach; we can assist you with the design and specification of your COP’s, LOP’s and LIP’s ensure the equipment offered is in full compliance with the requirements of British standards.

Lagoon DZ1 Serial Position/Direction Indicator

Lagoon is DMG's newest car/hall parallel or serial LCD position indicator series.

Its 101 mosaic-illuminated zones are able to form both numbers and characters with outstanding brightness.

DZ1 LCD display 55x55mm for hall stations

Lagoon position indicators can be flush mounted on the plate or frontal mounted in combination with DMG's newest nickeled frames.
4 wire terminals with connectors
Serial input
Programming through Playboard controller or DEUM encoder
12/24V DC power

Lagoon DZ3 Serial Position/Direction Indicator

DZ3 position indicator can be integrated with new LCD multifunction capacity plate which includes colored EN81-70 symbols (overload, alarm sent, communication established), emergency lamp and retro-illuminated lift information zone, with custom film.
4 Wire Terminals with Connectors
Serial Input
Programming through Playboard Controller or DEUM encoder
12/24V DC Power Supply
Optional "Gong" with adjustable volume

Giotto TFT High Resolution Serial Display

Giotto is one of the new generation of DMG TFT position indicator, available in three versions: 4,3", 5,6" and 7"

Giotto allows to associate pictures and voice messages to every floor.

Thanks to its embedded accelerometer, Giotto detects the portrait/landscape mounting position and adapts its screen automatically.

Giotto works with 3 different interfaces: multi-parallel, serial or CAN BUS.

It can be customized through USB stick and dedicated software.
Screw Terminals and Connectors
Serial Input: programming through Playboard controller or DEUM encoder
12/24V DC, 20V AC (rectified)
3 Indicators (Alarm Sent, Communication Established & Overload) from screw terminals
Additional Indicators from Serial Line (Emergency Light & Voice Announcer)