Stock Car Operating Panels

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Shorts can provide you with a complete range of DMG lift car operating panels and fixtures, fully compliant with BS-EN81-70, BS EN81-71, BS EN81-72 & BS EN81-73.

The Partnership between Shorts and ‘DMG Spa’ ensures that all our lift push buttons; car and landing operating panels and lift positioning indictors are of the highest quality offer and the highest level of reliability.

We offer our customers a complete turnkey approach; we can assist you with the design and specification of your COP’s and LOP’s and ensure the equipment offered is in full compliance with the requirements of British standards.

Stock "Make Up" Modular Car Operating Panels

The Modular design of the Shorts "Make-up" system means that we can now fulfil your requirements for car operating panels from 2 to 10 floor lifts from stock. We also stock a range of lift landing operating panels and landing indicator stations available for next day delivery.

Our indicator units are bundled with a DMG DEUM encoder unit to allow our displays to be easily interfaced with your controller. Should you be unsure of the suitability of your controller outputs, we can offer an independent lift positioning system, which will provide the car/ landing positioning indicators and voice synthesisers with the position and direction signals that they require without the need to touch the existing controller.
Giotto 4" TFT display
Available with or without onboard Voice Synthesiser
5 fully customisable service messages and 10 floor pictures
Engraved Load Plate
Autodial Instruction Plate
Floor Mask and Buttons (0 to 9)
Push Buttons available with red or blue illumination
Service Mark, Buttons and Key Switches (up to 3 Buttons & 3 Keyswitches)
BS EN81-71 Compliant Vandal Resistant option
BS EN81-72 & BS EN81-73 compliant firefighters option