Load Weighing Device

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Our new LLEC6 comes in two versions:

With its integrated load sensor, the LLEC6 FRM allows to accurately control the car weight through the measurement of the car frame deformation.

The LLEC6 ROP features a main unit and external load sensors, to be mounted on lift ropes or under the cabin.

New design, reduced dimension, removable keyboard with 6 touches and LCD display, easy calibration are only a few of the features making the LLEC6 very practical and quick to install and configure.

Main Features

2 Thresholds Relay
External cover IPX2 protected
Removeable Programming Keyboard & LCD Display for remote configuration
Measure Lock Device to avoid device activation during lift movement
Flat Cables weight compensation
Automatic compensation of fixed weight in the car
Easy calibration with calculation of the installation main & parameters
Direct replacement for DMG/Starret LLEC5 (re-drill fixing holes)