Goods with Attendant Lifts


This lift range is a variation on the basic Goodsmover Lift and allows the goods being moved to be accompanied by a single trained operative.

A push station is fitted in the car which becomes active on the action of a keyswitch. The pushes are hold-to-run type and protection is given to the passenger through the use of a light curtain on the open side of the car. The car height is 2000mm and comes fitted as standard with a light and integrated emergency lighting. All other specification features and options are the same as the basic Goodsmover range.

Standard Specification

Self supporting galvanised steel structure designed to accept cladding
Galvanised steel machine access door
Inner shaft cladding on entrance side of structure
Single hinged galvanised steel landing door on 500kg and small size 750kg models
Double hinged galvanised steel landing doors on larger 750kg and 1000kg models
2000mm high galvanised steel car with wooden buffer rails
Compact worm gear drive located inside the shaft at the top with chain drive arrangement
Overspeed governor and safety gear arrangement designed to limit uncontrolled movement
Microprocessor controller
Car protection through use of safety edge
Car light with integrated emergency lighting


Full set of warning notices
User manual
Comprehensive installer instructions
Comprehensive UK style layout drawings and wiring diagrams
Compliance with EC Machinery Regulations 2006/42/EC
Carries the “CE” Mark


Additional auxiliary main contactor
Phase failure reversal relay
Landing push stations complete with car position indicator, lift in use indicator, door open signal and key isolator
Keyswitch operated hold-to-run car push station with landing floor pushes, alarm button and emergency stop switch
Lift arrival buzzer
Overtravel timer
Hand lamp
Lift shaft lighting
Light and socket within machine room
Socket on car top and in pit
Wiring in loom form


One side or open through entry configuration
Low headroom option
Bespoke car dimensions
Zintec or stainless steel car finish
Zintec or stainless steel landing door finish
Zintec or stainless steel machine access door finish
Single hinged door 2 hour fire-rated
Galvanised structure cladding
Overload device
Aluminium checker plate floor