Goods-Passenger Lift


As experts in this particular field, Shorts offer a unique wide range of both EN81-21 and Machinery Directive Lifts for problem sites, all of which can be tailored to the lift company’s client’s exacting requirements.

ML Range

The Shorts ML Range is a family of hydraulic Passenger and Goods-Passenger Lifts which are suitable for buildings with lift shafts that have reduced free spaces.

Using components from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers together with a unique sling design, the ML range provides UK and Irish Lift companies with a high quality solution to an increasingly common regulatory problem.

The ML Range consists of 8 lifts ranging in capacity from 220kg to 1600kg that can be installed in shafts with pits as shallow as 150mm and headroom's as low as 2500mm. They are designed to comply with either the Lift Directive (Standard EN81-21), for application in existing buildings (LD Models), or the Machinery Directive, for application in new buildings (MD Models).

Standard Specifications

220kg, 320kg, 480kg, 630kg, 825kg, 1000kg, 1250kg and 1600kg
0.15 m/s
2500mm (min)
150mm (min)
Single or Through entry
415V Three-phase
Landing Doors
Automatic side or centre opening. EN81-58 option available
Car Doors
Automatic side or centre opening VVVF