Complete Modernisation Package

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Shorts can offer you a complete refurbishment solution, from the controller and fully pre-wired shaft kit, through to a replacement door operator, lift doors and lift machine or pump unit depending on your requirements.

Playboard 3 Controller

Playboard 3 Lift Controller

Fully Programmable

With its large 4-line LCD screen, the Playpad programming module allows you to configure all parameters of both the controller and the inverter.
The Playpad can also be connected directly to the Top Of Car module. In this way, car levelling accuracy can be fine-tuned directly from inside the car when used with the DMG Shaft Encoder.
New Modular PCBs

Dynamic Inverter Control

All parameters of the Inverter are controlled through the Playboard V3 software. They can be accessed and modified directly from the Playpad.
The new Playboard 3 software allows for total control of inverter acceleration/deceleration settings and continuous car speed regulation.

Easy Installation & Fine-Tuning

Thanks to the signal accuracy of the DMG Encoder, the Playboard 3 controller can perform a self-learning procedure of floor positions.
Floor stopping accuracy is then fine-tuned via the Playpad connected to the Top Of Car, without any further adjustment of equipment in the lift shaft.
Integrated Emergency System

Remote Monitoring

The Playboard 3 Lift Controller is able to transmit all errors in real time using the Telemaco GPRS module. The remote monitoring software allows for the checking and management of the status and the configuration of the system through a normal PC with internet access. Using the remote monitoring software AmigoLink it is possible to check the alarms and manage the status of the Amigo II Autodialler.
Sophisticated 32 bit microprocessor with software & firmware updates via Secure Digital memory card
CAN Open serial transmission
Ready for remote monitoring via fixed/GPRS phone line
Traction: Geared VVVF, Gearless or 2 Speed up to 37kW
Hydraulic: All brands, conventional or VVVF
LCD Playpad

New Modular PCBs

Each PCB is placed in a vertical box with front cover.
Clean and protected wiring
Easy location of modules
Wiring diagrams replicated near terminal blocks or connectors
Dynamic Inverter Control

Encoder Positioning System

The system consists of 2 easy-to-install pulleys in the shaft and a rope fixed to the lift car. Top and bottom magnetic switches provide the reset signal at each passage. The information provided by the Encoder is compared with signals from the reset switch in order to correct discrepancies.
Easy Installation and Fine-Tuning

Integrated Emergency System

In case of a power cut the optional integrated emergency module automatically re-powers both the controller and the inverter, moving the car down to the nearest floor at low speed. When the floor is reached the car doors will open.
The system runs with 8 12V 7.2Ah batteries. The battery charge is controlled and monitored via the lift controller.
Remote Monitoring

Landing Operator & Indicator Panels

Parallel Connection

Standard 1-line per floor, parallel connection of Landing Operator Panels via RJ45 phone cables is the best solution for installations with up to 8 floors.
All floor position indicators are connected via a single 8 way flat cable.
Serial Connection

BDU Interface

The BDU serial Interface allows connection between the Landing Call Buttons, Serial Indicators and Direction Arrows.

It can be easily configured and assigned to a specific floor.
Parallel Connection

Serial Connection

Serial Connection is the best solutions for installations with 8 or more floors.
10-pole twisted flat cable links all landing interfaces (BDU), which are the connected to landing call buttons and position indicators.

Independant Next Direction Arrow

A simple magnet can be used to permanently assign the floor designation to the indicator. The result in the next direction arrow only appearing at the floor where the car is about to stop

Pre-Wired Car Operating Panels

DMG's pre-wired car and landing panels are supplied with "plug & play" connectors and flat cables to facilitate installation. Most of DMG's pushbuttons, indicators and accessories are available for the Pitagora III system.

All fixtures are pre-wired and factory tested before delivery.
Pre-wired Car Operating Panels

Pitagora Car Interface

It connects the call buttons strips, car indicator and other components to the top of car box through 37 poles flat cables.

Call Button Strip Contacts

3x, 5x and 7x contact strips allow combinations of call buttons on 1 and 2 rows to be created.

Service Button Strip Contacts

Door open, door close and alarm.

Universal Door Operator & Raft Kit

Our Langer & Laumann Door Operators offer you a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire car and hoistway doors. In many cases it is sufficient to replace the car door operator in conjunction with the control unit when the elevator door goes slowly, dangerously fast, slams in the end position or runs unevenly.

The universal door operator is very easy to install and maintain. The wiring effort has been reduced to a minimum in order to keep the installation time and the associated installation costs to modernize your elevator low. The use of a maintenance-free DC motor ensures that no further maintenance costs arise for the linear belt drive system.
State-of-the-art closed-loop door operator system
Noticeable performance improvement as well as smooth and quiet door operation
Meets the kinetic energy requirements of ASME A17.1-2000+ and EN81
Widest adaptability to more than 300 door systems on the market
Maintenance-free DC motor - reduced power consumption