The Memcom elevator emergency phone is a premium product, providing trapped passengers with an easy, high quality, reliable, hands-free connection to emergency help.

This Top of car (TOC) unit is provided with a built-in speaker, microphone and backlit LCD display which is used for programming and status information. High quality advanced electronics provide excellent sound, acoustics and reliability.

The Memcom Emergency Telephone system has been designed to provide trapped elevator passengers with an easy, hands-free connection to emergency help.

Key Features

A trapped passenger simply presses the emergency button inside the lift and Memcom automatically connects to one of 4 pre-programmed telephone numbers. The lift location can be identified by the Memcom ETR software or via the programmed voice location message. Full duplex voice communication is then able between the trapped passenger and call receiver. Additional numbers are available for EN81-28 test calls, as well as technical alarm calls.

The Memcom features a keypad, backlit LCD display and built-in microphone for easy programming. Two models are available for easy installation to either the elevator car operating panel (COP) or elevator cabin roof (TOC). Wiring is minimised on the COP version n with built-in yellow and green LEDs for use as pictograms to EN81-70 and EN81-28.

The Multi-Point Station (MPS) accessory for use in the machine room, pit and top of cabin requires a two-wire unscreened connection to the main unit. The back up battery can support the entire system including a GSM module for 1 hour.
Allows full compliance with EN81-28 and EN81-70
Connect up to 8 Memcom emergency telephone units to the same phone line
Up to 4 alarm numbers and 2 technical alarms
Memcom ETR Software – allows easy management of emergency, technical and EN81-28 auto-test calls and the ability to remotely program and re-program installed units
Backlit LCD display for programming and status information
Able to work on VOIP/NGN networks using a VOIP to analogue convertor, or the analogue port on the VOIP master station
Stand-alone battery back-up of complete system including GSM
Easy programming using a simple tick box system