Air Pure Elevator Air Purifier

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Specifically developed for elevators and other confined spaces, the Air Pure Elevator Air Purifier quickly, safely and effectively disinfects and purifies the air inside the lift cabin and perfectly supplements the existing cleaning regime in maintaining a safe and clean environment.

Elevator Air Purification

Disease can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are transmitted when a person coughs or exhales. These droplets land on objects and surfaces around the person or can be breathed in by other persons. Air Pure reduces the transmission of droplets and aerosols by circulating the air within the elevator car through a disinfection and purification process.


Double Functions of Disinfection with High Performance

The GERMAGIC™ filter, is an antimicrobial coating which gives "contact-killing", "release-killing" and "anti-adhesion" abilities to HEPA filters. Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies, GERMAGIC™ releases Reactive Oxygen Species in a controlled-manner, resulting in the germicidal effect within the coating’s proximal area.
The wholly-enclosed UV Photo Catalyst, permits no UV leakage and has killing rate in excess of 99% for virus and bacteria.
Germagic and UV Filters

Passengers Can be Reassured of Hygiene

Purifying Air Flow
One Air Pure purifier can disinfect an enclosed 5m³ cabin quickly with its output air flow reaching 60 m³/h. Assuming the dimension of normal elevator as 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.3m, it can complete the air-change process 11 times per hour.

Intelligent Biometric Probe

Biological recognition technology can successfully recognise when passengers are on board. It will start to work immediately when a passenger enters the lift cabin. With delayed shutdown, once the passenger exits, the unit will continue to operate for a limited period to ensure the elevator has been disinfected before returning to stand-by.
Biometric Probe

Powerful Sterlization

In terms of the microbe analysis inspection by an authoritative body, the bacteria-killing rate of Air Pure Elevator Air Purifier can reach 99.05%, with a removal rate of 99.76% for influenza virus and a killing rate of 98% for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS Cov).
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