Halo, London – Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts

Posted on Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 in Case Studies
Sheridan Lifts
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Set in the Halo Building, One Mabledon Place, this project required us to design, supply and install a bank of four 20kg capacity automatic dumbwaiter service lifts. With automatic loading and unloading, these lifts facilitate the near touchless transportation of blood and tissue samples between floors within this high-rise laboratory.

Halo is the Healthcare Services Laboratories flagship facility. Spread over 11 floors and home to more than 1,000 staff, it has dedicated clinical and non-clinical cores for vertical connectivity.

We were involved with this project from the very beginning, working with Steffian Bradley Architects and Sheridan Lifts.

Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts


These lifts service 7 out of the 11 floors within the building, with the possible expansion on to the floors that are currently unused.

Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts Drawing


Halo Building, Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts

The lifts themselves run at 1 meter per second with a Variable Voltage Variable Frequency drive. This VVVF Drive provides smoother acceleration and deceleration.

The system also uses an open loop tachograph to ensure the delicate cargo is delivered precisely to floor level ‘to the millimeter’  and in perfect condition.

Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts Headroom Motor
Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts Car Entrance

The vertical bi-parting shutters open and close automatically, and the trays are fed into the lifts by a powered roller conveyor in front of each lift. Inside the lift is a powered belt conveyor that then unloads the trays onto the lower gravity fed roller table.

This ensures that the laboratory technicians do not have to wait with a sample, they simply place it onto the tray and walk away knowing it will be delivered to the required destination.

Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts User Loading


On the top floor there is a maintenance area where the controllers and drives are located. The floor also provides one of the best machine room views in London.

Motor Room

Motor Room


Controlled by Siemens processors, the controllers have a touch screen interface with access to parameters and error logs and an internet connection so software updates can be installed anywhere in the world.

Lift Controller


Contained within its own shaft to ensure the integrity of the 2 hour fire rating and with LED lighting for the safety of maintenance personnel.

Lift Shaft

Lift Shaft

Halo Building, Automatic Dumbwaiter Service Lifts