Find Santa 2019 Winners

Here are the winners of our Find Santa 2019 Prize Draw.

Day One (2nd Dec)

Terry’s Chocolate Orange 

Day Two (3rd Dec)

Bauble Drinking Glass

D West,  Swanley
L Newcombe, Warrington
A Reilly, Dundee
A Derbyshire, Stockton-on-Tees
I Masters, Linlithgow
W Kibbler, Stoke-on Tees
M Craig, Croydon
L Moylan, Staffordshire
L Sawyer, Sidcup
S Lewis-hill, Yateley
R Garlinge, Ardleigh
K Gopiani, Leicester
D Grane, Kent
F Jones, Sidcup
S Tunney-ware, Essex
J Rule, Keighley
G Gilbertson, Maidstone
I Osborne, Kent
J Savvides, Cannock
M Brown, Sheffield
R Northover, Middlesex
D Seffens, London
N Gladstone, Hull
C Lear, Swanley
M Kershaw, Oldham
D Colling, Andover
E Taylor, Wimborne
K Jennings, Stanley
L Adams, Hull
B Coulson, Bradford
R White, Rugeley
S Cooper, Colne
S Rawcliffe, Nottingham
M Pardy, Highcliffe
Z Roper, Keighley
M Dickenson, Darwen
C Jones, Leicester
J Aherne, Cannock
A Wilkie, Leeds
T Hateley, Plymouth

Day Three (4th Dec)

Festive Slippers

Day Four (5th Dec)

Chocolate Tub

J Walker, St Helens
A O’Rouke, Erith
A Howell, Manchester
S Mcardle, Newcastle
J Thomas, Forest Row
C Etchells, Oldham
J Leonard, Stockport
C Pithwa, Dorset
K Gopiani, Leicester
C Bott, Wakefield
N Kay, Bromley
T Bain, Darwen
D Maddock, Runcorn
N Hoyle, Sittingbourne
B Lane, Stockton

Day Five (6th Dec)

Festive Charades Card Game

Day Six (9th Dec)

Chocolate Tub

L Watson, Tamworth
A Gilbert, Sidcup
J Morris, Coventry
H Harding, Plymouth
L Greenhouse, Sevenoaks
A Perkins, Jersey
R Garlinge, Ardleigh
R Taylor, Clevedon
R Hoskins, Cannock
R Pottle, East Anglia
K Brunskill, Stockport
H Batterbee, Yateley
P Phillips, Dundee
A McGuire, Liverpool
K Parratt, Pudsey
C Townsend, Cirencester
H Relton-Cammish, Filey
S Smith, Rotherham
P Kennedy, Rickmansworth
M Carr, Beverley
R Richards, Norton Canes
M Roberts, Liverpool

Day Seven (10th Dec)

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Goody Bag

Day Eight (11th Dec)

Yorkshire Strength Gin 

L Murray, Dublin
L Robertson, Glasgow
B McCleary, Devon
S Read, Staffordshire
G Martin, Crayford
D Griffin, Essex
G Mistry, Leicester
H Harris, Leicester
D Collcutt, Crawley
C Ogden, Colne
L Cootes, Bangor
E O’Brien, Sidcup
D Abbott, Essex
J Cattle, Cardiff
N Comley, Poole

Day Nine (12th Dec)

Betty’s Christmas Gift Box

Day Ten (13th Dec)

£250 Holiday Voucher

M Mills, East Anglia
Awaiting Acceptance
S Harris, Swanley